Zplane Technologies, Inc, Inc. has designed software for a paper route company, using Visual Basic 6.0. The software was designed to keep track of the day-to-day business accounts/customers that the business has. The software included an Input screen (for inputting new businesses/clients), a Change/View Screen (for viewing, updating clients), and an Accounting/Billing section that tracked clients billing cycles, payment history, and due payments. The software system also included a full reporting section (which consisted of custom reports that were printed in different formats, to meet the company’s needs). The entire program was connected to a SQL Server database that resided on the company’s server. The software was installed locally on each computer.


This is the “Customer List” Report

This is the “Bill Reminder” Report

This is the “Delete a Customer” Screen from the Main Menu.

This is the “Change/View Customer Info” from the Main Menu.

This is the “Billing” Screen.

This is the “Add a New Customer” Screen.

This is the “Main Menu”